Experience the Benefits of Acupuncture and Holistic Therapy

Whether you’re struggling to quit smoking, trying to lose weight, or dealing with daily pain, take a deep breath and relax for a moment. You are not alone in this fight. Millions of Americans battle these obstacles each and every day, spending countless dollars on pills, wasting their time with TV gimmicks claiming to be panaceas or waiting for hours in their doctor’s office before being seen.

The AcupunctChi Clinic is here to help you conquer your vices and learn how to live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

Patient Testimonials

Take a look at some of our patient testimonials and see for yourself what treatments at the AcupunctChi Clinic can mean for you.

Migraine Cure – Nick

In 2006, I was involved in a rugby accident that left me with whiplash, muscular trauma in my head and neck, and a pinched occipital nerve in the back of my head. Since the accident, I’ve been plagued with migraines that would come three times per week, so much so that I even got permission from my office to lie down underneath my desk when it got too bad. I have been prescribed every pain killer I’ve heard of, and some I haven’t. I’ve seen deep-tissue massage therapists and a team of neurologists.

My mother-in-law suggested that I try acupuncture for my ailments, as it has worked very well for her fibromyalgia. I was skeptical, as I usually am of everything, but Leonard took time to discuss all of my symptoms, my history with the affliction, and what practices I would employ to combat it. After that, he gave me a light massage, and used maybe 7 or 8 needles at key pressure points.

I visited Leonard every three weeks for three months, and I have yet to get a migraine. If, on the rare occasion, I feel one coming on, I just do a couple of the stretches Leonard taught me, as well as press some of the pressure points that Leonard said were great for cutting off head pain. I haven’t had to use a pain pill since I’ve been at acupuncture. I would suggest Leonard’s methods to anyone with pain that “traditional” medicine can’t figure out.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Cure – Bob

It’s rare in life to find a business or individual that you feel comfortable enough with to recommend to your friends let alone write a testimonial for. Leonard Melamed however is one of those rare individuals. A little over a year ago I started to developed sciatic nerve pain. It started with some numbness in my right leg and gradually became so painful that it hurt all the way down to my toes. I couldn’t sit or lay down without major discomfort and for more than six month I would spend 18 hours a day standing up. I would rotate between Ambien, Percocet and Vicodin to fall asleep only to wake up three-four hours later. I would not be able to fall back asleep to because of the pain. I went to a chiropractor and that didn’t help. I went to physical therapy and that didn’t help. I finally went and got an MRI and scheduled a visit to a surgeon to go in and shave the bulging disc that was causing me so much grief. I was ready for surgery. One day later, my office manager approached me in tears to tell me she was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was scheduled for surgery in three days. She would be out at least a couple months. Any plans I had for surgery had to be put off. I employ nine people in a very busy automotive repair business and I could not be off recovering from surgery if my office manager was also gone. As fate would have it, within the next week, two people gave me Leonard’s card and told me I needed to see him. The first visit changed my life. We talked about my problem and what I could expect from his treatments. I didn’t expect what was going to happen. The night after my first acupuncture treatment I went home and went to bed at 10:00. I slept until my alarm went off at 6:00. It was the first time in over nine months that I was able to sleep through the night. I’m not sure how, but he motivated me to get healthy – body, mind and spirit. I lost over 30 pounds in the following four months and my pain is all but gone. I still see Leonard for a tune up every couple weeks and now it’s primarily for relaxation. I’ve recommended Leonard to dozens of friends and would feel comfortable enough to recommend him to anyone. He changed my life.

Eating Disorder Treatment – Irene

I was very fortunate to find Leonard Melamed who treated me several times for acupuncture concerning my eating disorder. Over the years when I have had acupuncture, I have been treated by a physician who had graduated from CWRU Medical School, and another time by a highly esteemed Chinese doctor. Leonard combines the best of these practices. He is extremely knowledgeable about our Western medicine while combining this with information and skills concerning acupuncture, acupressure, etc. He not only helped me with my fundamental issue, but dealt with any other possible problems. I highly recommend Dr. Melamed and will not hesitate to return to see him when a problem arises.

Pain Management – Kathleen

The best thing that could have happened to me in my painful condition of “frozen shoulder” was finding the AcupunctChi Clinic one night I spent in despair staring at my computer screen searching for help.

I had been suffering from this dreaded ailment which makes days and nights unbearable for seven months by then. Conventional treatments gave no relief. At the Clinic I have received seven acupuncture treatments with massage, also instructions on how to help expedite my recovery. Today I consider myself 70% healed. My shrank muscles need more work but I can exist now with only a little remaining pain in my arm and can also sleep almost full nights.

Leonard’s extensive experience makes him a healer of body and mind. One feels greatly impressed by his relentless commitment to improve and heal any medical condition presented to him. I see him as teacher, counselor, physico- and psychotherapist, homeopathic doctor, sympathetic peer whose gentle humor makes you forget your pain, but most of all I see him a humble human being deeply devoted to his holistic healing. I am grateful to him for putting me on the road of recovery.

Chewing Tobacco Addiction Treatment – Dave

I have been chewing tobacco (Long Cut Mint) for about 20 years now and although I still enjoyed it I knew that I had to quit. I was worried that it would be very hard for me to quit since I have a busy and stress filled life where I have incorporated chewing into my ‘mini breaks of enjoyment’ throughout the day to help deal with it. I was also not confident that I had the willpower to stop completely since I have not even tried to stop for the last 20 years. I didn’t think I was strong enough to overcome the cravings. So with those hurdles in mind I started thinking about and looking around for things to help me quit in a quick and pain-free way.

I found Leonard on the internet and after talking to him for just a short time I knew that it was worth giving this guy a chance. We discussed how this would work and I said “OK, let’s do this!” So I picked a date and I had my last chew at 10 am on Dec 30. Now I just had to make it without a chew until my appointment with Leonard at 6 pm. That day seemed to drag out forever, even while driving to the appointment I wanted so badly to pull off and grab one last one, but I didn’t. Entering the treatment I was a little nervous but excited to think that I could be done chewing forever. After the treatment was over I was amazed- I didn’t have a craving at all, and I felt so free and healthy! I loved quitting this way because I didn’t have any cravings and didn’t get moody or go through any withdrawal symptoms that I feared so much. I am happy to report that I am perfectly confident that I will remain a non-chewer for the rest of my life thanks to my new friend Leonard!

Tobacco Addiction Treatment – Christie

It’s been 48 days since I’ve smoked and it’s all thanks to you! It’s really working and I have a few people watching me because they want to come to you when they finally feel like I succeeded. I will be visiting you again in the future to cut out my other bad habits! I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you again!

Acupuncture’s Multiple Healing Effects – Carolyn

Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away and I thought this would be a good time to send you a thank you. It is hard to believe how much I have accomplished. I came to you initially just as a last resort in trying to lose some weight. Yes, I am pounds lighter. If I had “Before” and “After” pictures they would only begin to show the difference. Here is a list of changes we have accomplished:


Constant pain in right shoulder
Smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day
Eating all the wrong foods
Getting up 2-3 x’s at night
Feeling guilty about not exercising
Feeling upset in stressful situations


Shoulder is pain free
Non- smoker over a Year – Saving $60 per week
Eating healthy – not eating between meals
Sleeping through the night
Exercising or jogging every day at least 1 hour
Using your techniques to stay relaxed

What is ironic is that I just wanted to lose weight. I wasn’t even going to attempt to quit smoking but with your encouragement I did quit smoking and continued to lose weight. My son thanks you, my sisters’ thank you, and I thank you. Please use this letter to encourage anyone looking for help to lose weight or to quit smoking or both that they should call you. Thank you for changing the quality of my life.

Acupuncture – Neha

It was a chance I took in May of 2010 when I decided to pursue acupuncture therapy for my two-year long tryst with not-so-sure-diagnosed Fibromyalgia, anxiety and irregular menses. Dealing with pain and anxiety had become part of my life and every day was a challenge to overcome. I found Dr. Melamed’s website for acupuncture and I think following my heart to meet him was the best decision I ever took. His warm and gentle demeanor towards his clients was something very pleasant to encounter especially not knowing where the therapy would lead to and how my body would react. His expertise in his profession surely made my sessions with him valuable and enjoyable. Gradually I started overcoming pain as well as anxiety. My menstrual cycles also got better. He gives personal attention to his patients and understands their pain and problems. Besides acupuncture, I believe it is his kind and positive words that help you win half the battle. He had a big hand in changing my outlook towards life, and helped me overcome my health issues to a great extent. I also have PCOS and insulin resistance issues, and so I always thought we would find it very difficult to conceive soon. But I am sure, part of it was due to the positivity and the acupuncture therapy sessions with Dr. Melamed that my husband and I were able to conceive our baby in the first attempt. With his sessions, I could feel and know that I am doing well. I am awaiting the arrival for my baby and we will together always be grateful to Dr. Melamed for his attention and resolution of our issues. We have now moved to Los Angeles and although my husband and I miss Dr. Melamed a lot, we will continue to be in touch with him and follow his guidelines.

Hypnosis For Smoking – Genevieve

I have been visiting Leonard since February 2012. My first visits with him were hypnosis for smoking. I have smoked for 22 years and have tried several times in the past to quit smoking by using the patch, counseling and medication to no avail. I decided to try hypnosis because I was serious about being in control of my health. I have been smoke free since February 11 and will not ever smoke another cigarette again. I have also been to Leonard for deep tissue massages for pain in my lower back and neck caused by car accidents. I have gone to physical therapy, the chiropractor and a pain management doctor for years, only for the pain to be temporarily subsided. Since visiting Leonard for the back pain, I have had no problems and will continue to go to him in the future for any pain I may experience elsewhere. My next visits will be regarding weight loss. I was never big into doctors to begin with and avoid medications at all cost. What Leonard does is a natural form of medicine that has been around for thousands of years. If you are experiencing pain and feel you may be out of options or just have some health issues to work on, please give Leonard a try.