Ear Candling

Ear candling, also known as thermal-auricular therapy is a natural way to clean out accumulated wax, moisture and white, flaky fungus from the ears. Candles are a custom-designed narrow, hollow cone made from natural fibers that have been soaked in beeswax or paraffin and tapered to precise specifications that fits comfortably into the outer ear canal.

The process of ear candling involves the patient lying on his or her side while we insert the point of the cone inside the ear. The top of the cone is then set on fire and left to burn for 5 – 15 minutes. This creates a low-level vacuum inside the hollow candle. The warmish of the smoke gently dislodges foreign debris, softens ear wax and helps evaporate excess moisture. In addition to remove impurities from the ear passages by drawing excess yeast, fungus, and bacteria from the sinuses and lymph glands, subtle changes may occur on an energy level resulting in revitalization of charkas, emotional stability and overall sense of well-being.

After the procedure, you can cut open the candle to expose a dark brown waxy mush at the bottom which believed to represent an ear wax and other toxins.

Ear candles can cure a wide range of medical problems, including ear aches, headaches, sinus pain/infections, sinus pressure, tinnitus, vertigo. Using thermal-auricular therapy is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional methods, which can be painful. Ear candling is a non-invasive, peaceful, relaxing and actually quite pleasant experience.

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